Monday, December 26, 2016

Melissa Rauch's Accidental "Big Bang Theory" Masturbation Scene

You can always count on Conan the Red to bring out the pithiest conversation in people.

Nyet to any porno.  Only decadent Western capitalists make porno, da?

Elena Korikova After Seeing Mark Zuckerberg

Elena Korikova was amused when Mark Zuckerberg walked into the room.

After his entrance, she said to me, "With hair dyed red and the right shoes, he is Ronald McDonald, da?"

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hitler Learns Aleppo is Liberated

"The terrorist strongholds are falling faster than Bill Clinton's pants in the Oval Office" - German officer

"Putin makes Erdogan and Obama look like Milli Vanilli!" - Hitler

Happy Holidays from Russia

Anna Semenovich

Счастливых праздников, Товарищ
Happy Holidays, Comrade

#NoDAPL Standing Rock Christmas Eve Action & Celebration

The state never gives freedom; it can only take it away.

They Do It All with Mirrors

Not many can be funny without ever saying a word